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General Information about Palau

Island casual is accepted attire everywhere.  Most people remove their shoes before entering homes and air-conditioned businesses. Some fine dining restaurants and clubs do not allow swimwear.

Getting around:
Palau has no street names and no addresses; you give direction by either establishment name or relation to a landmark.  For example: Palau Central Hotel is located on the main road opposite Palasia.  We provide Airport Transfer. Transportation provided by business establishments and cabs are the common way for visitors to get around.

Palauan and English are the official languages. English is spoken by most with some Japanese also used.

Banking & Currency
U.S. dollar is the official currency of Palau. Travelers checks and all major credit cards are accepted at most businesses. There are several banks and automated teller machines around town. Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Guam, Bank Pacific are branches of U.S. institutions.

Palau is a pleasantly warm climate all year round with the average relative humidity at 82%.  Best to carry sun block wherever you go.  If traveling to Peleliu or Angaur bring mosquito repellent.

Local energizer.  Said to induce euphoria or a local “high”.  Makes the saliva and mouth red.  So, if you see locals chewing and spitting, you’ll know why.    They will be happy to share what is locally referred to as “buuch” (pronounced “boo”). 

Medical Services

Palau National Hospital (488-2555) is a well-equipped medical center with professional medical staff. There are several private outpatient clinics and pharmacies in town.  Emergency is 911

Standards: 110/220  60 hertz; U.S. (Edison) outlet; TV: NTSC; Currency: U.S. Dollar;
                       Time: GMT+9, Tokyo time zone  (PWT)
Airport: Palau International Airport (ROR); Nearest large hub: Guam (GUM)


Belau National Museum
Visit the local museum to get a feel of Palau’s very old culture, where you will see a bai (chief’s traditional meeting house) on the grounds. The museum’s gift shop is also a great place to buy souvenirs of Palau and Micronesia. 488-2265

Etpison Museum
Located at the center of Koror, Etpison Museum features most magnificent display of old artifacts and photographs from Palau. 488-6730

Ngarachamayong cultural center
The newest center located in Koror offers a large theater and conference room that accommodates 700 people and a variety of small meeting rooms. 488-5909/6901

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC)
A research center located at M-dock that features several aquariums; fully equipped with a library and research labs. PICRC showcases the uniqueness of Palau and its underwater attractions. 488-6950
Body & Soul:

Melusch Dil Skin Care & Wellness Center *
The first original one stop beauty shop in Palau.  Offers massage, skin care & complete hair salon services.  House calls available.  Free pick up & drop services.  Accepts all major credit cards.  488-6882/4288

Ondung Beauty at The Penthouse
Ondung (named after the Fountain of Youth in Palau), is the place to go for all your beauty needs including massage therapy.  Open till 7pm daily. 488-1941/42/43.


Jungle Boat tour
Located in Ngchesar State, the Jungle River Boat Cruise is one of Palau’s Eco-friendly tours giving clients an ideal way to relax and see nature firsthand.488-1188

Rock Island Helicopter
Jet Ranger and a qualified pilot with production experience. Matt 779-5831


  • Dive
  • Kayak – Planet Blue Kayak Tours
  • Jellyfish Lake
  • Babeldaob Tours
  • Ngardmau Waterfall / Zip line
  • National Capital – photos
  • Lake Ngardok – walk birds, crocks, nature trail
  • PPR Dinner show
  • Heli Tour
  • 4 Wheel Buggy Tour
  • Peleliu WWII tour- state boat


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